2007 Events

In December our long-anticipated Lost State Voices Volume II was finally published.

David Ramsey once again graciously provided one of his gorgeous photos for the cover!


Several members, and especially one of them, gave entertaining readings for our December meeting.

Six Lost State ladies
Gary, what's so interesting!
Jerry's reading took us back in time.
Did she really do that!
A bunch of cool writers!
Janice has the heart of a poet.
JCarroll and his tall tales!
Phil can tell a mean one, too!

Rubbing shoulders with the Romance writers at Women's Expo!

Delilah expounds seriously about her book!
Lost State writers are a handsome lot!
Darn good writers, too!
Ohhh, that hair!

LSWG at Sycamore Shoals, invited by the Clans

Gathering of the Clans
Stan observes, Mary Ann waves!
Sylvia lounges around.
Mary Ann is ready to sell books!
Our fearless Leader!
Are we done yet?
Gary the table man!

Summer Days

Sylvia, Mary Ann radio interview with Randy
Three writing buddies
3 more, Bev Freeman, Nada Kirby
Janice Hornburg
Inspiring meeting with Steven James
Mary Ann expounds on writing, too.
David Gouldthorpe displays his book
during Jonesborough Days booksigning
Mary Ann and Sylvia were there, too!

PlumbAlley Day

Sylvia and Mary Ann on the streets of Abingdon!

Bobby Swanay, Johnson City Public Library speaks to Guild in June '07

June meeting library presentation
June meeting

Publisher Tammy Robinson Smith spoke to the Guild in January '07

Tammy Robinson Smith, Bristol
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